Here is just a quick write up of how to integrate an aux-in into your radio. I got stuck trying to figure out how to get the aux in to work with the harness so just some info for people who get into the same situation. Here is the harness I used to go from symphony II to II+  and this is how to integrate the Aux-in into it.
Ok so here is the AUX-IN adapter.

Simply push the tab up on the white plastic that is holding the smaller black plastic piece in. It will slide right out like so…

Now note how the pins are in the harness and grab your screwdriver and push the pins out.

You just need a small screwdriver to depress the visible tab on the top of the pin and give the wire a slight pull. It should come out without much force.

Now just reinsert the pins into the harness exactly how they were in original adapter harness.

Reattach it into the quadlock and you are good to go.

Now you may have to program your head unit through VCDS to tell it you have added an aux-in connection. Test this by repeatedly pressing “CD” until the head unit displays “EXT. SOURCE”. If you can’t get this to appear, you must use VCDS to enable it, as described by this link

Simply add 1 to the number already in the position denoted by the question mark in Options 3. This coding can be found in the “Radio” module of VCDS.



  • 0?x0xxx: Options 3
    • +1 = Analog Input (AUX)
    • +2 = Multifunction Steering Wheel
    • +4 = Telephone
  • 0x?0xxx: Options 2
    • +1 = Digital Sound System
    • +2 = CD-Changer
    • +4 = Satellite Radio
  • 0xx0?xx: Options 1
    • +1 = Leather Interior
    • +2 = Diesel Engine
  • 0xx0x?x: Sound System Correction
    • 0 = Sound System (No passive Speakers/No Correction)
    • 1 = Sedan/Coupé with passive Speakers
    • 2 = Wagon/Avant with passive Speakers
    • 3 = Cabriolet/Roadster with passive Speakers
  • 0xx0xx?: Country
    • 1 = Europe
    • 2 = North America
    • 4 = Japan
    • 5 = China

Now grab a beer and download some new music, cheers.